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Why is it called a marathon?

Why is it called a Marathon...when the full marathon event is not being run?

Moggill Marathon will return in 2023 event and will include 21k, 10k, 5k and 2k races.

To include a full 42.2k marathon remains our intention in future and we are continuing to assess its viability.

After the success of the 2022 event, our goal is to improve our current races, and ensure resident and runners do not have road access or safety compromised in any way during the morning of the event.

By extending the course to a full marathon we open up additional costs and road use, this needs also to be considered alongside the number of willing participants – for what is a very challenging event!

We were honoured that in 2022 we were able to contribute significant funds from the event to Bravery Box, supporting children and teens with cancer, and 22 local community groups.

The event is for our community and we also want to maximise opportunity from the event to return money raised to our beneficiaries in the community once again.

We love the “Moggill Marathon” brand, our vision is to thrive in an active and inclusive community. We know a marathon can be “a long distance race”, OR “an event requiring exceptional endurance” – both of which our committee are working on!

Thank you to all our runners, sponsors, volunteers, community clubs and residents who gave us fantastic support and backed us in 2022!

We will continue to build the event and ensure that we deliver a great experience for all involved again in 2023 – see you there!